A Cylon becomes an alien resistance leader in V

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco is going from Cylon to lizard alien on ABC's V, taking on the role of the mysterious resistance leader named John May, according to

"John May Lives" has been a battle cry of sorts against the Visitors in the series so far, but we've seen neither hide nor hair (nor alien reptilian skin) of May so far.

According to the four episodes we saw of V last fall, May is the founder and leader of the Fifth Column, the group of Vs who are against their peoples' plans for Earth and the human race. Ryan (Morris Chestnut), a sleeper V who has been on Earth since before the Visitors arrived, once was involved in the resistance. Now he and Earthlings Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) are attempting to resurrect the Fifth Column.

V will return to ABC's schedule on March 30 with eight new episodes. So far, Trucco is set to appear as John May for only one episode, on April 13.

Trucco played another key role in Battlestar Galactica as Sam Anders, Kara Thrace's husband and one of the Final Five Cylons.

Are you excited about the return of V? Will Michael Trucco make a good John May?

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