A few notes on comments, and our revised comment policy

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

We (finally!) upgraded our comment technology, and we thought it'd be a good time to go over our commenting policy and let you know that things will be changing a little bit. We have comments on the site because they're fun, they're a way to give you a voice, and they're a way for all of us to talk to one another.

To keep things that way, we have a few basic policies:

  • Comments should be about the story they're commenting on, not tangential or controversial topics which have little or nothing to do with the original article.
  • Comments should be polite. No name-calling, personal attacks, flaming or swearing, etc. That applies to fellow commenters, the subject of the story, the author of the story and anyone else you can think of.
  • Comments shouldn't repeat the same things over and over again in different stories.
  • Comments should add to the ongoing dialogue and leave room for opposing points of view.

We want our comments to be a place for discussion. That means you're welcome to post opposing or critical viewpoints to our stories (and other comments) as long as you follow the guidelines above.

What we don't want is comments that are abusive to anyone, that shut down or hijack the discussion, that get off topic or that are obviously trolling.

You may find this shocking (OK, so it's not so shocking), but some people sometimes post needlessly negative comments, engage in trolling or succumb to what some have called "nerd rage" when discussing seemingly innocent topics such as what their favorite movies are. This certainly isn't you or any of your friends, but from time to time it's been known to happen on the Internet. We're hoping if you follow the guidelines above, that won't happen here.

Here are some examples of the the kinds of comments we'll probably remove going forward:

  • Any comment calling someone stupid, moronic, etc.
  • Any comment that goes off on a tangent, especially about politics, religion, sexual orientation or any other controversial off-topic topic.
  • Any comment so negative it's meant to shut down the conversation or opposing viewpoints.

There are also a few types of comments endemic to news/entertainment sites that we'll remove going forward. A few tried and true Blastr mainstays that fall into this category are: "What does this have to do with sci-fi?" or "Slow news day, huh?" Those are perfectly valid opinions to have, they're just not much of a dialogue starter.

Also, even though Blastr is owned by Syfy, it's not the forum for general discussion about Syfy or Syfy shows, or any other TV network. (Fox is another favorite on the site.) Again, those are totally valid opinions to have, and there are many places to talk about them—this just isn't one.

Finally, if your comment was removed and you feel we took it down in error, feel free to send us a note at and we'll look into it. But don't just repost it. If you do, we'll probably just remove it again. If we've removed it twice and you repost it again, we may ban you, and we don't want to ban anyone.

The vast majority of comments here have been thoughtful, well-reasoned and entertaining, and we want to make sure those comments continue to be front and center. (Even when they do happen to disagree with our movie reviews. ;)