A Green Lantern sequel is ALREADY in the works

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Green Lantern won't hit theaters until June 17—that's June 17, 2011, more than a year from now—but Warner Brothers is so sure it will be a hit that they've already started work on the sequel.

Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim—all of whom worked on the first installment in what the studio hopes will be a Green Lantern franchise—have been hired to write a treatment for the second movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And not only that, but the team has also been asked to write the treatment for a big-screen adaptation of The Flash, though the trio's new deal doesn't indicate which of the two projects they're going to tackle first.

Who are these guys? Berlanti created Everwood and is an executive producer on Brothers and Sisters. Guggenheim co-created Eli Stone with Berlanti and is executive producer and co-creator of the upcoming ABC superhero drama No Ordinary Family. And Green worked with Berlanti on Everwood and created NBC's Kings.

Starting work on a sequel so far out from a movie's release is rare, indicating the studio's confidence that green will turn out to be gold.

So Warner Brothers is clearly excited about its Green Lantern movie. But how about you?