A guy paints his real prosthetic leg to look like a Terminator limb

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Dec 14, 2012

The MTV TV show Pimp My Ride took sad old vehicles and turned them into extreme automotive goodness. We figure "Captain Cripple" must watch a lot of MTV, as well as the Terminator franchise, because of the way he pimped his prosthetic leg. The result is part exposed muscle, part cyborg and wholly awesome.

We don't know Captain Cripple's real name, although he credits award-winning Australian artist Stuart Vimpani for the artwork. CC's images go under the name "Protect John Connor!" Obviously he likes Terminator 2 more than the original movie, or his name would have been "Kill John Connor by going back in time, and while you're at it, create the 'I'll be back' meme!"

Of course, it'll be hard for this man to protect John Connor, because we can see him and his leg coming before he can do any good.

See for yourself!

(via reddit)

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