A look at the Star Wars Kid, 8 years later

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Eight years ago Ghyslain Raza's life changed for the very much worse when he unintentionally became one of the Web's biggest celebrities as the Star Wars Kid. An estimated 900 million people saw him in an unflattering video segment that showed Ghyslain wielding a golf ball retriever as if it were a lightsaber, which was later "enhanced" with Star Wars music and a lightsaber effect.

The poor kid felt humiliated and ended up dropping out of his Quebec high school, falling into a depression and later checked into a psychiatric ward for children, according to this report in Motherboard. Luckily, the news gets better:

"But after eight years of laughs at his expense - and a few campaigns in his defense - Ghyslain is back. Now in his early 20s, he's reemerged as the president of the Patrimoine Trois-Rivières, a conservation society that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of his hometown of Trois-Rivières."

Nice job, Ghyslain! For the record, we watched the video and thought it was kind of cool, not dorky. You had some good moves and don't have anything to be ashamed of in our book. Good luck with the new job!