Steven Moffat wouldn't be against a new Who spinoff, but ...

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Dec 16, 2012

With Torchwood done for the foreseeable future, and The Sarah Jane Adventures derailed by the tragic death of star Elisabeth Sladen, there's a gigantic void in the Doctor Who spinoff department on television these days. So what does Who showrunner Steven Moffat think about that?

First off, he is aware. Second, he's not too worried about it, at least at the moment.

While making the rounds at a Doctor Who convention in Cardiff, Moffat was asked if there was anything in the works—with the BBC (along with U.S. partner Starz) mum on a potential Torchwood renewal after Miracle Day wrapped with decent but unspectacular ratings.

"I'm not against it," Moffat said. "Spinoff shows happen because you think, 'That is so good, you should spin it off'—but personally I'm relatively busy."

Though Moffat was a bit flippant to the thought, Who producer Caroline Skinner chimed in to remind fans that "you never know" what could be in the pipe.

So, there you go. Moffat is up for it—maybe, eventually—but between Who and the stellar BBC original Sherlock, he's a little busy.

What do you think? Which Who character or concept would you like to see get a spinoff someday?

(via Entertainment Wise)

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