A note about SCI FI Wire's updated design

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Since we relaunched SCI FI Wire at the beginning of January, you've posted thousands of great comments and sent us hundreds of e-mails, and we've been reading them all. We've listened to your suggestions on how we might improve the site, and today we're making some changes based on your feedback.

Here's what's different:

We've modified the colors of the site to tone down the "blinding white" effect.

We've changed the layout so you can see more stories on the main page, and so that more important stories have extra room.

We added News to the navigation bar for those readers who only want to see news stories.

We added Reviews and Columns to the navigation bar so you can find our reviews and columnists more easily.

We simplified and clarified the categories section in the left-hand column.

And in case you missed it, earlier this month we released a free iPhone application for those readers who own an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Thanks for visiting the site and sharing your comments with us. Your suggestions and constructive criticism have been invaluable to us and we're looking forward to hearing more.