Aardman does DC with super-heroic claymation short

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Dec 16, 2012

Aardman Animations is one of the world's most awesome animation studios. We know this for a fact, because they gave us the Wallace & Gromit films, as well as Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run. Now Aardman is putting its mad claymation skills to work to promote "DC Nation," the DC Comics-based block of programming on the Cartoon Network.

Fans of Aardman know that the studio won an Academy Award for the short film Creature Comforts, made in 1989 and helmed by soon-to-be-animation-superstar Nick Park. Creature Comforts showed us a slice of life in a zoo, voiced by children. Here, this promo for DC Nation references that award-winning film. So we also hear the voices of children ... but the visuals are pure DC (um, more or less).

Like Creature Comforts, it's cute as hell. Unlike Creature Comforts, it's far too short. But hey, when it comes to Aardman, we'll take all the fabulous claymation we can get.

DC Nation - Aardman by redruger

Via TwitchFilm.

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