Aaron Eckhart may have just told us he'll be back as Two-Face

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Two-Face was killed at the end of The Dark Knight ... wasn't he? But if so, how come Aaron Eckhart, who brought Harvey Dent's alter ego to life in that 2008 film, was being so coy when pressed about it during an interview for Battle: Los Angeles?

Reporter Ken Lombardi asked Eckhart:

"You had mentioned The Dark Knight. We all know the fate of your character in that film by now. But just to be clear, we're not going to see Harvey Dent ever again, not in a flashback, someone's imagination .... you're not returning to that role, right?"

The actor answered with a quizzical "I'm not?" And when pressed further, coyly added, "I could not possibly say."

Was he just playing with the reporter? Or does he know something none of the rest of us do? Check out the interview below and see if you can tell anything from his tone of voice and facial expressions.

So—what do you think?

(via MovieWeb)