Abandoned kitten given new, awesome life on Hobbiton movie set

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May 28, 2013

While comic book writer Gail Simone was visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand, she discovered something wondrously adorable.

If there is one great Internet truism, it is that all people, big and small, love kittens. And it is with that in mind that we introduce you to Pickles, the Hobbiton Cat.


The story goes that, while building Hobbiton, a crew in a film truck saw someone throw a bag out of their car. It turned out it was full of kittens. The sad news is that they all died -- save one. His name is Pickles, and the beautiful and great news is that Pickles is still alive and lives in Hobbiton.

Here's Gail with the rest of the story via Twitter.


We think that making a children's book about Pickles is inspired and beautiful -- just like so much of Middle-earth.

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