ABC cuts V, FlashForward episodes, but not by much

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

It's sort of official: The relatively low ratings for ABC's V and FlashForward hurt the shows, but not enough for the network to pull the plug entirely. ABC is cutting its final order for each show by one episode, the Futon Critic site reported:

Newcomers "V" and "FlashForward" are set to film 12 and 24 total hours, respectively, both one episode shy of numbers reported earlier this fall. Come 2010 then the Alphabet will have eight new episodes of "V" (returning March 30) while "FlashForward" (returning March 4) will offer up 14 fresh installments.

Lost, meanwhile, will return Feb. 2, 2010, with 18 new episodes for its sixth and final season.

Better Off Ted, which returns to the air tonight, has a 13-episode order.

Good news for sci-fi fans! Will you be waiting in the late winter/early spring when V and FlashForward return?

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