ABC rethinks plan to terrorize people into watching V

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

ABC planned a great marketing stunt for the Nov. 3 launch of its new V series: It was going to use skywriters to create huge red Vs in the sky over major cities and landmarks. What could go wrong? Although a lot of people (like us) thought the idea sounded kind of cool, some worried it would scare those who had no idea why giant, frightening red letters were suddenly appearing all around the nation. The Washington Post noted ABC wouldn't be V-ifying Washington D.C. due to airspace restrictions put in place after Sept. 11, and they also complained the concept was environmentally unfriendly.

Now THR Feed reports that ABC is forgetting about the whole concept, although they're not saying it's due to the potential for inadvertent terrorism or the threat to the environment. According to them they just want to spend the money on other things to promote the show.

Free guinea pigs for viewers who own snakes, perhaps?