Aborted videogame shows off a steampunk Batman we'll never meet

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Jul 4, 2015

Though the 1989 graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight was a bit too weird to warrant a film adaptation, the tale of a 19th-century Batman hunting down Jack the Ripper did at least have a videogame in the works—but not anymore.

The steampunk Batman tale was greenlit by Day 1 Studios for THQ as an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game in 2009, but the publishers eventually found the working version a bit too niche to release, so it was canceled in midstream. It's likely the game was canned to make room for (what would prove to be) the extremely successful modern-day Batman: Arkham Asylum series.

Gotham by Gaslight now joins the long list of failed Batman movies that never saw the light of day, but fans can at least get a peek at what they're missing—thanks to a leaked demo reel posted by a source at the development studio.

You've got to admit: Watching Batman brood over Victorian England is awesome to behold, and this atmospheric game looks like it would have been a blast to play.

The developers have also leaked some menu concept art, showing off the steampunk aesthetic that would have greeted gamers.

Sound off: Would you have been interested in a Victorian-era, steampunk take on Batman, or was this one too far out there to succeed?

(via What Culture!)