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Abrams' Almost Human delivers Fringe's sense of humor in new trailer

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Oct 22, 2013

If J.J. Abrams’ latest Fox series Almost Human doesn’t fill that Fringe-sized hole in our hearts, it won’t be for a lack of trying.

A new trailer for the series has been released, showing that fellow producer J.H. Wyman is definitely bringing along that Fringe sense of humor to the new future-set cop series. Admittedly, there’s no Dr. Bishop, but the ‘bot gets a fair share of jokes in during this new footage. It looks like it strikes a good tone, and we can't wait to see more.

The show stars Karl Urban and Michael Ely as LAPD officers in 2048, but with a nice twist — Ely plays a human-like robot, while Urban’s character hates the “synthetics.” It’s a nice twist on the tried-and-true cop genre, while the network (and fans) hope it can be a more popular successor to Fringe.

To give the show a better chance at catching some eyeballs out of the gate, the network has bumped the premiere date back from Monday, Nov. 4, to Sunday, Nov. 17, where it will follow Sunday night NFL football. Good thinking. The second episode will air the next night, on Monday, Nov. 18.

Fox is obviously hoping the male-skewing demographic watching football will stick around, and it seems like a solid move. Admittedly, we don’t want to wait longer to see the series — but if it gives the show a better chance at success, we’re all for it.

Do you plan on checking this one out?

(Via Fox)

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