Abrams reveals first peek at Star Wars VII's Millennium Falcon (with a Dark Knight surprise)

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Sep 18, 2014

Thanks to a boatload of flyover set pics, we’ve already gotten a preliminary look at the practical sets being developed for Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon that’ll be featured in Star Wars: Episode VII — now we have an official, well, flyover look. Oh, plus the Batmobile.

Mega-directors J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder seem to be involved in a weird, geeky battle of crossovers, and Abrams just took a nice shot across the bow. The bantering was seemingly started by Snyder after he tweeted some mashup shots of Star Wars combined with the Batman v Superman film he’s currently shooting. 

So Abrams fired back with the below video, which is a cheeky little (super-tight) flyby of the Falcon’s exterior set to John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score ... which is then replaced by the Dark Knight theme, as the flyby finally lands on a tiny, familiar piece of Bat-lore hidden on the underside of Han’s ship. Well played, Abrams. Well played.

(Via The Verge, J.J. Abrams)

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