Acclaimed artist Adam Hughes on rebooting Betty and Veronica for a new generation

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Aug 22, 2016


When Adam Hughes showed up at the Archie Comics booth to sketch and sign copies of Betty & Veronica #1 at San Diego Comic-Con on Preview Night, he created a foot traffic gridlock for the entirety of his signing. Rabid Hughes fans still love his art after 20 years of doing mostly cover art. So getting him doing the interiors and writing the Betty & Veronica reboot was a big score for the indie comics publisher.

Enthusiasm is high for the latest Archie Comics reboot, having successfully brought in new readers to pick up modern-day launches of Archie, Jughead, Afterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In Betty & Veronica, the boys of Riverdale finally take the backseat as supporting characters and we find our favorite American sweethearts teetering on the edge of hugging out their love for each other and wishing for each other’s demise. 

Hughes has been working in comics for years but said the challenge of doing a fresh take on Betty and Veronica was too good to pass up. His story casts the two characters at odds over the fate of Pop's Chocklit Shoppe, but aims to put a timely spin on the concept. He used the formula to tackle the idea of “Vanishing America” and the loss of small-town charm.

The fan-favorite artist came by the Blastr booth at San Diego Comic-Con and talked to me about the themes for his first Betty & Veronica story and bringing these classic Archie players into the 21st century, what attracted him to the project, and joked about using a diet of "caffeine and panic" to stay on schedule producing interior art and story for a bi-monthly comic. Betty & Veronica #2 comes out Sept. 14.

Have you read the first issue of Betty & Veronica? Check out the interview and share your thoughts below

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