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Acclaimed Frederik Pohl sci-fi novel being turned into TV series

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Mar 11, 2014, 7:20 PM EDT (Updated)

One of genre author Frederik Pohl’s best-known sci-fi novels is coming to the small screen, and it could make for one heck of a series.

Entertainment One Television (Hell on Wheels) and De Laurentiis Co. (Hannibal) are developing a series based on Pohl’s 1977 novel Gateway, set on an abandoned alien space station that has since been taken over by humans. The novel has won a Hugo Award, a Locus Award, a Nebula Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. 

De Laurentiis noted that they went for television over a feature film because it “gives [them] the opportunity of exploring the rich world of the novel and the complexity of its characters.” Producer Lorenzo De Maio described the project as a border town-type setting that’s an “absolute, complete, desperate gamble with very high stakes.”

Here’s the synopsis via Deadline:

Gateway is set in the Heechee, a space station constructed by a long-vanished alien race, now inhabited by humans. It centers on Robinette “Rob” Broadhead, who, haunted by a dark love story, has traveled on a one-way ticket from Earth for the extremely dangerous mission of piloting one of thousands of abandoned alien spacecrafts on Gateway. The technology of these alien ships is not fully understood, with most trips resulting in death. The reward for a rare successful return, however, can be untold riches, so crews continue to sign up despite the desperate odds.

No word on a network yet, but eOne has ties with a lot of them, so it certainly has a good shot at making it. With the right execution, Gateway could make for one heck of a space opera. Do you think the book is a good fit for the small screen?

(Via Deadline)