Acclaimed series The Wicked + The Divine is the latest comic headed to TV

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Jun 1, 2015

During the 2014-2015 TV season we saw four new comic-book-inspired shows hit TV, and three of them did well enough to get renewed. Comic-book adaptations for the small screen are a bigger deal right now than they've ever been, and from the look of things they're only getting bigger. Next season we'll see Legends of TomorrowLucifer and Supergirl hit TV, and more shows are developing all the time. Now we can add another, very exciting, new series to that list. 

Deadline reports that Universal Television has optioned The Wicked + The Divine -- the acclaimed Image Comics series from writer Kieron Gillen, artist Jamie McKelvie and colorist Matt Wilson (all three previously collaborated on Marvel's Young Avengers) -- for development as a series. Launched last summer, the comic follows a group of supernatural individuals collectively known as The Pantheon. Each member of the Pantheon was once a normal person, usually a young person, who was then chosen to become one with the spirit of a deity. In their god forms, The Pantheon become sort of living legends, even pop stars, but their time in the world is short-lived. Once The Pantheon arrives, each member has a lifespan of about two years before going dormant and then reincarnating every 90 years. It's a great series full of big ideas, and it's attracted a rabid fanbase.

The series will be produced by a pair of fellow comic-book creators: Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel), who announced a deal with Universal TV earlier this year. Under the terms of that deal, Fraction and DeConnick will be adapting Sex Criminals for TV, but they'll also use their Milkfed Criminal Masterminds production company as an avenue for developing series by other comics creators. The Wicked + The Divine is the first of these, and it's nice to know the book will be in the hands of people who really know comics.

We don't know yet when we might see the series, or even where, but this is very exciting news for fans of Gillen and McKelvie. 

(Via Deadline)

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