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Action Comics #1000 and The Infinity Gauntlet are the top-selling comics of 2018

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Jan 14, 2019, 1:36 PM EST (Updated)

The bestselling comics of 2018 have been revealed, and if you followed comics trends last year, the results likely won't surprise you. 

Marvel and DC Entertainment lived up to their "Big Two" moniker last year, with the House of Ideas claiming seven of the top 10 bestselling single issues of 2018 and the Distinguished Competition claiming the remaining three. Though it had the smaller share of the list overall, DC actually claimed the top-selling single issue of the year with its mega-sized anniversary issue Action Comics #1000, which featured a massive roster of superstar creators, and the DC Comics debut of longtime Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, who took over writing duties on Superman after Action #1000 dropped. 

Marvel's bestselling issues of the year also came courtesy of a changing of the guard. The second bestselling comic of 2018 was Amazing Spider-Man #800, another massive anniversary issue that saw writer Dan Slott bid farewell to the title after a decade of writing Spidey comics. The two issues preceding Slott's departure also made the list, with ASM #799 coming in tenth and ASM #798 coming in eighth. Slott's arrival on a different title, Fantastic Four #1, also made the list, coming in fourth — which means four different titles on the Top 10 list last year came from one writer. It was quite a year for Dan Slott. 

Over on the graphic novel side of things, the bestselling collection actually claimed its spot thanks to a movie. Marvel's The Infinity Gauntlet, collecting Jim Starlin's landmark 1991 miniseries of the same name, took the top spot of 2018, thanks to its use as the basis for Avengers: Infinity War. Perennial creator owned favorite Saga took the second, third, and fourth spots on the trade list for various volumes of its run, and the Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman collection came in fifth. You can check out Diamond's full Top 10 lists, via The Hollywood Reporter, below. 

Single issues:

1. Action Comics No. 1000 (DC Entertainment)
2. Amazing Spider-Man No. 800 (Marvel Entertainment)
3. Batman No. 50 (DC Entertainment)
4. Fantastic Four No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
5. Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
6. Return of Wolverine No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
7. Venom No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
8. Amazing Spider-Man No. 798 (Marvel Entertainment)
9. Batman Who Laughs No. 1 (DC Entertainment)
10. Amazing Spider-Man No. 799 (Marvel Entertainment)

Graphic novels and collections: 

1. The Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Entertainment)
2. Saga Vol. 9 (Image Comics)
3. Saga Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
4. Saga Vol. 8 (Image Comics)
5. Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman (DC Entertainment)
6. The Walking Dead Vol. 9: Lines We Cross (Image Comics)
7. Paper Girls Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
8. Batman: White Knight (DC Entertainment)
9. Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition (DC Entertainment)
10. Monstress Vol. 1 (Image Comics)

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