Action figure offers 1st weird peek at Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

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Aug 21, 2013

We’re still waiting for an official look at Peter Capaldi as the new star of Doctor Who, but a leaked toy model has given us our first real peek at the 12th Doctor.

The shot was leaked via the collectors' item gurus BifBangPow, which is known for producing action figures from hit sci-fi projects. Showing a head mold of Capaldi’s Doctor, it doesn’t reveal much more than his slicked-back hairstyle and sly grin.

It definitely feels like a throwback to the Doctors of yore, and we can’t wait to see Capaldi take over the TARDIS in human form this Christmas. Until then, this will have to work.

So what do you think? Does this toy head mold have the charisma to take over for Matt Smith?

(Via Topless Robot)

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