Action-packed new Defiance footage shows off the epic alien Earth

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Dec 17, 2012

A new trailer for Syfy's Defiance has finally made it into the wild, showing off the post-alien Earth the epic sci-fi series will call home. So how does it look?

Pretty darn good, at least according to the brief 30 seconds of footage and effects work we see here. It looks like it might be able to pull off the epic scope it's aiming for, and with Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon pulling the strings, it has pretty good odds.

The series follows disparate survivors in the wake of an alien invasion, weaving together action and politics with several alien races now calling Earth home. In addition to the TV series, a videogame set in the same universe is also being developed, with actions in the separate media affecting the world.

The expansive cast includes Julie Benz (Angel), Grant Bowler (True Blood), Mia Kirshner (24), Jaime Murray (Dexter), Tony Curran (The Pillars of the Earth), Stephanie Leonidas (MirrorMask) and several others.

The trailer makes the show seem huge and action-packed, and we're definitely curious to see more leading up to the April 2013 premiere.

Check out the clip below.

So what'd you think? Will you be watching?