Actor who played Dr. Doom says fans 'aren't wrong' about Fantastic Four flop

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Nov 11, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Months after Fantastic Four tanked, the aftermath of the film's disastrous arrival continues.

The latest person to chime in with a post-mortem on the movie -- one of the worst failures of 2015 in terms of both box office and audience response -- is Toby Kebbell, the fine British actor who ended up with the thankless role of Victor von Doom.

Asked by IGN about the reaction to the film by fans, Kebbell admitted:

"I was disappointed, but the fans aren’t wrong. The fans want what they want to see and if they don’t get satisfaction, they let you know. And I appreciate that as a performer. My job is to come in and perform as best I can, and hopefully be directed in that path, and I felt like I was. I felt like the film was going to go well. It didn't turn out that the fans felt that way, so the reaction is honest and I can only appreciate honesty."

Kebbell (who starred the year before in the excellent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as Caesar's right-hand simian, Koba) was the subject of some of the film's toughest criticism. Initial rumors said that Doom -- one of Marvel's greatest and most iconic villains -- was being reinvented as a blogger; he ended up being more of a rogue computer hacker who gets drafted by Dr. Franklin Storm. But his character's arc, which abruptly turned him into the movie's villain in the last half hour of the story, was perhaps the one most messed up and truncated by last-minute studio-mandated reshoots that demanded the film feature a more action-packed climax.

The actor said that he came away with one important lesson from the film, and that he might have suffered some damage to his career from the fallout over it:

"I don’t know if I learned anything from [playing] Doom, apart from, perhaps, when I see something I don’t agree with, to voice that immediately. As an actor, you’re very conscious that your career is at stake with each job, especially on these larger productions. A film like that comes out, and I’m being sent maybe four scripts in a week, and those scripts go to zero when it doesn’t come out successful, so that actively affects my career."

Kebbell went on to say that it was "vitally important" to solve problems on the set as they arose, although in the case of Fantastic Four, the production seemed so troubled from the start that the issues might have ended up to difficult to solve. It's sad to think, however, that Kebbell's career could be affected by his appearance in one bad film: After all, he's there to do a job, and as an actor he can only work with what he's got, and in this case he didn't seem to have much he could get a firm handle on.

They say that in Hollywood you're only as good as your last hit. We'd like to think that Kebbell and his castmates -- Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan, all good actors -- will get past the wreckage of Fantastic Four and continue with prosperous careers. 

Unless they get called back for Fantastic Four 2, that is ...

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