Actor whose lack of faith was disturbing to Darth Vader dead at 66

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Apr 17, 2013, 4:07 PM EDT (Updated)

Richard LaParmentier, who is best known for playing Admiral Motti in the original Star Wars, has passed away.

They say that acting is about reacting, and, if that's true (and we believe that it is), then LaParmentier effortlessly sold one of the most important moments in cinematic history. Because, really, David Prowse does very little to express the concept of the Force choke when he denies Admiral Motti the right to breathe. He just does that little thing with his hand. No, all the heavy lifting is done by LaParmentier.

From the bravado of "This station is now the ultimate power in the universe" to damned near collapsing on the floor, this is the instant when we understand just how simple but powerful the Dark Side of the Force can be. It's a transformative moment, not just for Star Wars, but for the collective consciousness of every person who saw it when they were a kid. And we have the incredible talent of Richard LaParmentier to thank for it, beause there is no written dialogue here -- just that literally breathless moment.

And now LeParmentier is no longer with us. He died suddenly when visiting with his children in Austin yesterday. The cause has not been revealed at this time. LaParmentier was an American actor who moved to England in 1974, where he became a fixture in British television. He had switched careers to screenwriting at the time of his death.

His family has released a statement saying, "He absolutely loved traveling the world and meeting his friends and fellow Stars Wars fans, whose tributes have given us all the best lines in this message. Every time we find someone's lack of faith disturbing, we'll think of him."

He will be missed.

(via The Huffington Post)


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