Actress Natalie Dormer says violence in Superman is worse than Game of Thrones

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Aug 13, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

HBO TV show Game of Thrones is synonymous with sex and violence, particularly violence. Over the course of five years, we’ve seen a man get his tongue ripped out through his larynx, a man get his eyeballs crushed in his skull, and an entire wedding party sent to an early grave. But one person who doesn’t think the show is over the top is co-star Natalie Dormer. 

Dormer, who plays the-frequently-wed-yet-not-yet-bed Margaery Tyrell, spoke to Radio Times about violence in Game of Thrones. She said,

“I don’t find it gratuitous. It’s naturalistically shot. It’s not hyper-stylised … You can watch a film like Superman with a 15 rating, and characters will be mown down by guns, yet you won’t see any blood. That’s when I get angry about violence: when its consequences aren’t portrayed.” 

Dormer has a point: Yes, Game of Thrones has frequent death and dismemberment. But when these characters hurt, they scream and cry and bleed. Their pain has consequences. While Superman (and presumably she meant the most recent Superman movie, Man of Steel) is just one example, in many superhero movies, characters (even the ones without powers) are able to shrug off their wounds. In Man of Steel, Metropolis is destroyed. Yet we see no suffering. 

In this regard, I agree with Dormer. Pain should actually hurt. 

Via RadioTimes.