Actual adult goes on fast until parents let him play videogames

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:37 PM EST

Fasting can be a powerful tool. Throughout the ages, peaceful protesters have used it as a means to shine a light on many a humanitarian issue. Then there's this guy, who is fasting (read: pouting) because mommy and daddy took his games away.

Recently, in Chongqing, China, a young 20-something, Yang Yang, got busted by his parents for playing videogames for too long. Yang's mother was fed up with him gaming nonstop. After having no luck reasoning with her son, she had her husband take matters into his own hands.

Mr. Yang asked his son how long he'd been playing, which allegedly led to the flippant response, "Not long." Infuriated by his son's behavior, Mr. Yang took the computer keyboard and smashed it on the ground. One Mexican standoff later and it was time for dinner.

The end, right? Nope! Young Yang felt he'd been so wronged that he locked his door and refused to eat or drink anything. Even though he did leave his room the following day, he remained resolute in his fast.

His parents became so worried that he would end his own life that they called emergency services, who, finally, were able to convince Yang to eat. After everything, Yang got his way, and his father bought him a new keyboard.

All of this would be perfectly normal if this story were about a little kid. It's not. Yang is, by all physical accounts, an adult. He should know better. There's nothing wrong with playing videogames, regardless of age but, as we've said many times here before, sometimes you need to put the game down and go smell the roses. Oh, and grow up. Seriously.

(via Kotaku)

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