Actual would-be zombie hunter arrested in NYC's Port Authority

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

You'd think that, with all the strange things on display in New York City's infamously skeevy Port Authority bus depot, a heavily armed dude with a vacant, hollow look in his eyes wouldn't necessarily strike one as being "out of place." Apparently, some things will still get you arrested.

Namely, walking around strapped to the teeth. According to The New York Post, two Port Authority cops became wary of self-described "zombie enthusiast" Christopher Rodger because he was wearing a trench coat on a warm night.

Then they spotted the camouflage duffel bag. After the officers questioned him—during which Rodger admitted that he was carrying a gas-powered pellet gun—they searched the 25-year-old and discovered five samurai swords, three daggers, night-vision goggles, burglar tools and hand-drawn blueprints.

The partridge, apparently, wouldn't come down from the pear tree. It heard there might be zombies.

(via NY Post)

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