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Jul 26, 2007

In my recent post about my advertising survey, lots of people commented on some of the more irritating ads. I am not a big fan of ads that flash, or obscure text, or change size, or go against the mission of this site, or in other ways distract me from what I'm reading -- I mean, of course any ad is distracting, but having Scarlett Johansson whisper in my ear is a different kind of distraction from having Donald Trump bellowing in it.

If you get my meaning there.

I have some control over what ads play and what don't. If you find a particularly irritating one, post a comment in this thread. Let me know as much info as you can -- what it is advertising, what spot it was in (the header, the sidebar...), any miscreant behavior -- and I'll look into blocking it (if I agree with you, of course).

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