Adam Driver and Stephen Colbert keep Rey’s secrets in Star Wars action figure improv

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Dec 15, 2017

Stephen Colbert looked like he might be on track to spoil some of the plot points in The Last Jedi when Adam Driver turned up to The Late Show without a clip to promote, oh, we dunno, only the biggest movie of the year.

So in lieu of showing any footage to plug the film, Colbert produced a pair of action figures — Kylo Ren for Driver; Rey for the host himself — and persuaded Driver to improvise a silly Star Wars scene on the spot.

Just to get it out of the way now: Colbert didn’t spoil anything, and there’re no spoilers in the clip. You’re safe to keep going!


If there’s any hoopla over just who Rey really is and where she comes from — and we’re not saying there is — Driver showed he was more than capable of deflecting any attempt by Colbert to coax it out of him. To be fair, he'd kind of helped stoke the speculative fire about Rey's mysterious origins ahead of the film's release, but to his credit, Driver's always kept it on the safe side. 

So when Colbert — um, Rey — started in on Driver, asking tiny-Kylo “Can you believe who my parents turned out to be?” Driver knew just how to improvise.

“I gotta go to the bathroom,” his Kylo Ren retorted.

Colbert tried again: “On three: Let’s say who my parents were! One, two, three…”

Driver was ready for that one, too: “Stephen Colbert!” he replied.

After some action figure kissy-kissy (isn't there always?), it was all over and nothing was spoiled…except, maybe, our appetite to ever see Stephen Colbert voice another Star Wars character.

The Last Jedi is now showing in theaters nationwide, so get out there and see it...before somebody spoils all the good stuff.

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