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Development news: Adam McKay reveals talks for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Guillermo del Toro producing new horror movie

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Dec 20, 2018, 5:38 PM EST

We lead off this action-packed development roundup with the first confirmation of a director being asked to take over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

That director is Adam McKay, known for comedies like Anchorman and, more recently, politically barbed efforts like The Big Short and the upcoming Vice. He also helped his longtime friend Paul Rudd with scripting duties on Marvel's Ant-Man and was at one point a possible candidate to direct that film, so he's already got the relationship with Marvel Studios.

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Slashfilm), McKay revealed that Marvel head Kevin Feige spoke with him about helming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in the wake of James Gunn's much-criticized dismissal.

"We've talked a little bit, yeah," said McKay, who added that he had also been asked by Feige about directing Inhumans when that was still a film project (before it was turned into a disastrous and short-lived TV show): "We were kicking around the idea of the Inhumans at one point. We’re always kind of talking. I think Feige is just the greatest and what they’re doing is amazing.”

McKay also let it be known that he would love to one day direct a film about either Nova or especially the Silver Surfer. There has been talk of Nova showing up soon in the MCU and we have to imagine that the Surfer will get to shine in the MCU once the Disney/Fox merger is complete, so it almost seems inevitable that McKay will direct a Marvel movie one day.

It won't be Guardians Vol. 3, however, and for now the film continues to remain on hold. While McKay is now the only filmmaker confirmed to have been approached for it, other recent names in the rumor mill have included Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi and Bumblebee director Travis Knight.


Cheo Hodari Coker

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Although Luke Cage was recently canceled by Netflix along with Daredevil and Iron Fist, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is not staying unemployed for long. Variety reports that Coker has signed an overall TV development deal with Amazon Studios.

Coker will develop TV series for Amazon Prime Video under his Fighting 99th Entertainment production banner, joining an expanding roster of talent as the online retailer beefs up its original content to go head to head with Netflix, Hulu, and many others.

Coker said in a statement, "Amazon is the future, and their bespoke, specific approach to building groundbreaking shows offers an amazing opportunity, one that I’m incredibly thankful for. I am excited for people to see what we have in store.”


Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is producing a new film called Terrified, which is a remake of the 2017 Argentinian horror film Aterrados. The writer and director of the original movie, Demián Rugna, will direct the English-language remake. Scripting duties will be handled by Sacha Gervasi, according to Deadline.

The plot concerns a series of strange events that take place in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, leading two paranormal investigators and a police officer to uncover a horrifying evil.

Del Toro is making good use of the overall production deal he signed with Fox Searchlight after his The Shape of Water won Best Picture for the studio. In addition to Terrified, he's also overseeing Antlers from Black Mass director Scott Cooper. There's no word yet on when production will begin on Terrified.


Jason Fuchs

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Finally, Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs has acquired the rights (with Endeavor Content) to a 2017 graphic novel called Trespasser, from writer Justin M. Ryan and artist Kristian Rossi. The tale was published in four digital issues in 2016 before being collected as a trade paperback last year.

Fuchs won't write the script, which is being handled by Gabe Hobson. The story follows a man named Hector and his daughter Maria as they try to survive in the aftermath of a devastating war that has left food and even air in short supply. When a strange outsider emerges from a crash site near their home, Hector does everything he must to protect his daughter.

Deadline says that the story is described as being in the same vein as A Quiet Place, which is not surprising since that relatively low-cost effort ($17 million) raked in $341 million worldwide. Fuchs has also been working on scripts for an adaptation of the anime epic Robotech and DC's Lobo character.