Adam Savage creates movie-accurate hedge maze model from The Shining

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Feb 27, 2015, 3:44 PM EST

The iconic hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is lovingly re-created down to the most minute detail by MythBusters' Adam Savage in this absorbing 24-minute video.  Watch Savage explain his obsession with building an authentic replica of the Overlook maze to use as part of the traveling Stanley Kubrick tribute exhibition, currently headed to Mexico City. Complicating issues with its accurate resurrection are the various versions of the maze seen in the movie, from the maze entrance facade built at the actual Timberline Lodge in Oregon, to the intricate maze model Jack leans over in the cavernous Colorado Lounge, to the icy soundstage sets where Danny is stalked by his insane, ax-wielding father during the film's frosty climax. The end result is an incredible architectural model that would please even the notoriously exacting director of The Shining himself.

So take a break and get lost in this video chronicling the O-scale model's monthlong manifestation.

(Via Geekologie)