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Adam Savage recalls the scariest myth he ever busted (and the one he wouldn't do)

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Oct 12, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

For 282 episodes over the course of 14 years, Adam Savage put his body on the line in the name of science and general public amusement. He was always closely watched by a team of safety experts, but sometimes the experiments he embarked upon for MythBusters were absolutely terrifying nonetheless.

During a visit to the SYFY WIRE Live Stage at New York Comic Con, Savage looked back on one particularly horrifying experience, trying to escape from an old car that had been dropped upside down into the water.

"That's the single scariest moment that ever happened to me in any episode in 14 years," Savage said. "My mother is still not allowed to watch that episode... I got as close as I get to panicking."

Being dropped into the water in a car is terrifying enough; going upside down made it all the more disorienting. But even more troublesome was what was in the car. The producers of the show bought a ratty old used vehicle that was previously owned by a very devoted smoker, and even though they cleared out all the cigarette butts, the tar and nicotine glued to the car upholstery swirled with the water, burning his eyes and turning the whole event into a cascading series of near-disasters.

Watch Savage, who hosts the upcoming MythBusters Jr. later this year, tell the story — and then talk about the one myth he just refused to bust.