Adam Savage survives The Arboghast attack in new The Expanse VFX reel

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Dec 7, 2017, 10:25 PM EST

Ex-Mythbuster and Tested's resident tech wizard Adam Savage is the epitome of a good sport, and is seemingly up for an experiential challenge wherever it lies in the geek universe.

SYFY's The Expanse provided the perfect setting for Savage to immerse himself in the production for a cameo in the Season 2 finale, "Caliban's War." His unnamed character was marooned in the cold confines of outer space, and this illuminating new special effects clip from Montreal-based Oblique FX reveals how the shots were composed.

Savage's body was scanned in 3D and inserted in the astonishing end sequence, in which the protomolecule attempts to understand and dissect the doomed UNS Arboghast research vessel hovering in orbit above Venus, where the infected Eros space station impacted the surface. The shocking deconstruction is one of the most startling sequences of the entire season.

This VFX breakdown reel illustrates the dense layering techniques used to digitally enhance scenes and environments in a seamless integration of CGI and practical, real-world sets. Take a peek behind the scenes in the video above, and tell us if you're set for liftoff when The Expanse Season 3 returns later in 2018.

(via io9)