Adam Scott is the Antichrist's stepdad in Netflix's horror-comedy Little Evil

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Aug 22, 2017, 12:47 PM EDT (Updated)

Before the second season of Stranger Things hits Netflix in October, the streaming giant will kick off Halloween a month early with a new horror-comedy film titled Little Evil.

The movie, written and directed by Eli Craig (Zombieland, Tucker and Dale vs Evil), stars Adam Scott (who will star on Fox's Ghosted in the fall), Evangeline Lilly, Tyler Labine, Bridget Everett, Donald Faison, Chris D’Elia, Kyle Bornheimer, Owen Atlas, and genre fan favorite Clancy Brown.

Meant to be a parody of The Omen (Lucas is totally Damien) with a good dose of Craig’s Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Little Evil centers on Gary (Adam Scott), “who just married Samantha (Evangeline Lilly) only to find out that her six-year-old son (Owen Atlas) is the Antichrist.” So far, I’m both intrigued and amused.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Craig explained which horror movies inspired Little Evil: “One of the horror genres that always captivated me was the devil child movies of the '70s and '80s. Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, Children of the Corn — I wanted to do a different take on that.” Will you need the power of (the Anti)Christ to compel you to watch Little Evil on September 1 on Netflix?


(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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