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Never-before-seen Adam West Batman footage surfaces in vintage traffic safety video

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Apr 16, 2018

As it turns out, Adam West's Batman didn't spend all his time solely protecting the citizens of Gotham City on his popular TV show. In a never-before-seen PSA from 1966, West — in full costume — travels to London, England, to teach kids about traffic safety. It's even got the fun, corny graphics from the TV show. 

Standing in front of the Thames with Big Ben in the background, Batman says: "I'm taking a holiday from crimefighting in Gotham City. No rest from danger, though, because all around us is that deadly, daily danger: traffic!" 

His objective in the video, which has all the endearing cheesiness of the "Duck and Cover" films from the 1950s, is to teach kids how to look both ways before crossing the street, otherwise known as the "Kerb Drill."

"I admire the way all you British children triumph over this danger by learning and using the road safety code." West gives a demonstration with a bunch of young children by standing on the curb, looking right, looking left, then looking right again and then crossing the street.

The PSA ends with one final warning from West: "Remember, be smart, be safe, always do your Kerb Drill." He picks up one of the kids and stares awkwardly into the camera for around 10 seconds, an indicator that this might not have been the final cut.

Our real question is why Burt Ward's Robin couldn't give his friend a hand in teaching these kids how to cross the street? 

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