Adam West promises new 1960s Batman goodies in classic series DVD release

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Apr 8, 2014, 2:04 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s admittedly coming a few decades late, but the beloved 1960’s Batman series is finally coming to DVD — and it’ll even have some new goodies to make it worth the wait.

Original Batman actor Adam West and his boy wonder Burt Ward appeared at a recent Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, and were asked about the film’s long (long, long, long, long) delayed DVD release set for late this year.

Ward told fans how excited he was to finally have the series available to fans, and revealed they’ve been filming some new bonus material to go along with the remastered run of the series:

“Finally, after an innumerable number of years, our series is going to be coming out, all 120 episodes. I understand it's right at the end of November this year in time for Christmas. I know this last week, both Adam and I at separate times, we went in and we filmed some additional bonus material for Warner Bros that's going to be included with the programs.

And I also understand that they've really done a tremendous job digitally remastering our series so that it's really going to be just absolutely gorgeous on DVD. So I think you can look forward to a very, very high class product.”

West, in his own hilarious fashion, also teased some of those special features — though we’d think he’s joking a bit on that last one:

"Warner Bros had a very fine director/producer they hired. And he asked us the most profound questions. And Burt agrees that he asked us things that people have never asked before. And it was tough to answer, but I think we were both very honest and straightforward and told him what he wanted to know…And as a result you folks with the new DVD can see us naked.”

The original 1960s Batman series has become almost a mythical figure over the years, as battles over release rights have essentially kept the series from being released for decades. But that’s all settled now, and fans will finally have a chance to relive the classic show once again.

Have you been jonesing for some old-school Batman fun?

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