Adam West weighs in on Christopher Nolan's final Batman chapter

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Dec 17, 2012

Everyone has an opinion about The Dark Knight Rises, whether he's a lowly fanboy or the campiest man ever to wear the cape and cowl: TV's Adam West. Turns out he's a big fan of the franchise, even though it's a far cry from the Batman he created, and he's even got an idea for his ideal cameo appearance.

In an interview at Chicago's C2E2 convention, West confirmed that he's a big fan of Nolan's dark trilogy so far.

"I'm a fan of anything that's good, especially when it's conscientiously good," West said.

But how would the happiest guy ever to be the Bat feel if Nolan took the darkest turn of all in the final installment of his series? When asked about the rumors that Nolan could kill Batman in the end, West noted that the simple possibility of it happening is a testament to the diverse possibilities of the character.

"To me, it's an interesting idea because Batman - the character, the legend, the extension of it over all these years - it lends itself to different machinations, layers, different time zones - anything," West said. "You could really pretty much mold Batman. He's malleable, welcome and always interesting. They [Christopher Nolan] do The Dark Knight, and I did The Bright Knight. Ours was fun for the whole family."

So even if Batman doesn't survive his upcoming cinematic adventure, it's still got West's stamp of approval. So what about making an appearance of his own in the flick? West knows what he'd like to do, and even if it's a little outlandish, he thinks it could work.

"I'd love to play Batman, and come in one night, flying in through the library window on the wings of a bat, or something," he said. "Right when Batman is totally overwhelmed with terrible things happening in Gotham City, and give him some advice. Either as a real character or fantasy character - whatever!"

OK, so we know Nolan's probably done all the Dark Knight Rises shooting he's ever going to do by now, but who else wants to see that as a Blu-ray bonus feature?

(Via IGN)