Adamantium slashes Potter wand and every nerd weapon in between in this fan battle

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Aug 5, 2016, 7:53 PM EDT (Updated)

It's the age old hypothetical -- who would win in a fight? Walk into a comic book shop and you'll inevitability hear the war of words and technicalities and references over who's the best fighter, what's the best weapon, who's the winningest winner.

For my money, Sailor Moon can take 'em all, but that's me -- I have a moon princess bias.

The filmmakers at Sneaky Zebra, however, are content to leave bias aside and instead explore the most fantastical fan thing a fan can do -- fight with nerdy weapons on camera. 

Whether it's an identity disc from Tron, the noisy cricket from Men in Black, all the way up to Thor's hammer, these filmmakers bring everything they've got to the table in their second-ever fan battle, which they've dubbed Prop Wars: Prop Harder. Check it.


Did you catch every weapon they used? And is there something about Mace Windu purple I don't know about that makes it preferable to the traditional Luke or Vader variety? And am the only one who's super relieved the mask from The Mask didn't work? I've never been so happy over budget constraints in my life!

(via Sploid)