Adi Shankar's insane, bootleg animated Judge Dredd miniseries is now online

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Oct 27, 2014

While we patiently wait for news of a sequel,  kick back and enjoy Adi Shankar’s new, bootleg animated Judge Dredd miniseries. Fair warning: It’s weird, but awesome.

Shankar, who produced the recent Dredd film that all but bombed at the box office, got tired of waiting on the studio to give him the keys to make a followup. So he channeled his love for Ren & Stimpy and made his own, bizarro animated version of Judge Dredd. It’s dark, twisted and pretty great. If you're unfamiliar, Shankar previously made acclaimed "bootleg" shorts based on The Punisher and Spiderman's Venom.

Dubbed Superfiend, the miniseries contains elements of the classic "Dark Judges" arc — but it’s all channeled through a super-weird Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic. For fans of the franchise, or of Shankar for that matter, the “bootleg” series is one heck of a fun romp. With no budget or content constraints, Shankar goes in a ton of weird directions that are a blast to follow.

All six mini-episodes of the series have gone live on Shankar’s YouTube page, and you can watch the first installment below:

(Via Adi Shankar)

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