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Jan 15, 2008

I have decided that every now and again I will post some administrative stuff, to remind readers of a few things that might get buried in the normal firehose flow of the blog.

1) I'm on quite a few social networks! You can add me as a friend/subscribe to my stuff on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Mahalo, Flickr, and YouTube.

2) If you like something you see here, please click the Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and/or Slashdot button. I put them at the top of every article to make it easy. Spread the love! I check Digg's space section at least twice a day to see what's hot, and you should too.

3) There is a whole big website attached to this blog.

4) I have a policy on commenting here, which basically boils down to "Don't be a jerk." Still, please read that link for details. I also have a statement on my posts about politics and religion. There is a link on every blog page about it, right under my logo to the right.

5) Did you know I shill stuff? I have a bookstore and a Cafe Press store.

6) As time goes on, I'll probably add more stuff to this list.

That's it. Thanks!

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