Adoptees call for a boycott over something Thor said in Avengers

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

Despite the ginormous success of The Avengers—it's already made something like $700 million worldwide, and it hasn't hit its second (domestic) weekend yet—the old maxim still holds: You can't please all the people all the time. And Joss Whedon's film has ticked off the adoption community something fierce. Spoilers ahead!

As we learned in Thor—and if you haven't seen this by now, it's pretty much your fault—the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief aren't blood brothers: Odin stole Loki from his Frost Giant father and raised him in Asgard as his own. That revelation drives much of the drama in Thor and serves to tee up a joke in The Avengers. When Black Widow comments that Loki's "killed 80 people in two days," Thor says, "He's adopted."

And that isn't sitting too well with members of the adoption community. They've launched a petition demanding an apology from Disney:

"Sooo..according to your scriptwriter, the fact [Loki] was adopted is the reason he is a bad guy!

Being adopted is NOT something to use for the butt of jokes! Marvel, immediately cease using adoption as the butt of jokes AND issue a public apology to the adoption community!"

We're not going to take a stance on this, since one of the benefits of living in a "free" country is the right to feel whatever you want to feel about anything. But ... if we started petitioning every time something in a movie offended someone, we wouldn't have any movies.

And we definitely wouldn't have Blazing Saddles.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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