Adorable Who fan lamenting Matt Smith's exit is cutest thing ever

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Jun 4, 2013

An adorable little girl has taken Doctor Who fandom by storm lately, but star Matt Smith has broken her tiny heart by announcing his exit from the series. Watch on, and try not to cry.

Lindalee Rose, a young girl who spends her weekends recording the cutest Doctor Who episode reviews ever, put out a special report this week when news broke that Smith would be hanging up his bow tie (and Stetson, and fez) after the upcoming Christmas special.

Considering how many Doctors we’ve all been through over the years, it’s easy to forget how sad it can be to lose “your” Doctor for the first time. Sorry, Lindalee, here’s hoping we all love the next regeneration just as much as you've loved the 11th Doctor.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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