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Wubba Lubba dub-dub! Adult Swim orders a whopping 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty

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May 10, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

After months of uncertainty over a fourth season of Rick and Morty, Adult Swim has ordered 70 new episodes of the hit sci-fi cartoon from creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

The creative duo announced that it was time to get back to work in a humorous video posted to Instagram in which the two are showering together. Roiland's been living in Harmon's shower, but not anymore, because they've got to come up with dozens of new wacky stories and adventures about the alcoholic genius Rick Sanchez and his timid grandson Morty Smith, both of whom are voiced by Roiland.

The official Facebook page for the show also posted this quick cartoon, drawn by Roiland:

Season 3 of the acclaimed series wrapped up last fall, but there was no formal announcement on another season being ordered by the network and Harmon sort of stoked the fire by confirming Adult Swim's inaction. He later clarified his statement by saying that contract negotiations were the reason for the hold-up, and that he was optimistic Season 4 would still happen.

However, this announcement is beyond anyone's wildest dreams and, given that each of the first three seasons had 10 episodes apiece, we could be looking at seven more seasons, minimum. Hearing such a joyous announcement is better than bathing in a tub full of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce... not that we'd know what that's like.