Adventures of the Super Sons #2 Cover

Adventures of the Super Sons #2: See the beginnings of The Gang in this exclusive preview

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:58 AM EDT (Updated)

The first issue of Adventures of the Super Sons introduced a brand-new team of supervillains, and now the second issue is primed to shed some light on where they came from and what they want in this exclusive preview of the DC Comics maxi-series.

The 12-issue adventure from writer Peter J. Tomasi and artists Art Thibert and Carlo Barberi follows Robin Damian Wayne (Batman's son) and Superboy Jonathan Kent (Superman's son) on an adventure all their own, taking place in a time in DC continuity that current Superman stories have already passed by.

In the debut issue, which arrived earlier this month, our heroes met The Gang, a group of kids who'd modeled their looks and powers after various major DC supervillains. Led by Rex Luthor (guess whom he's modeled on), the Gang also includes pint-sized versions of Captain Cold (Ice Princess), The Joker (Joker Jr.), Brainiac (Brainiac 6), Deadshot (Kid Deadshot), and Shaggy Man (Shaggy Boy). We don't learn too much about them in the first issue, other than that they seem to be of alien origin and they figured out how to get their hands on Gold Kryptonite they could use to depower Jon. 

As Issue #2 begins, the Gang are enacting their master plan to defeat the Super Sons and turn them over to the adult versions of the heroes they idolize, but why are they doing this? Where did they come from? How did they grow to model their lives on such evil characters? The preview pages below begin to explain exactly that. Here's the official synopsis from DC:

"Kids today, amiright? What with their vaping, texting, emoji-ing and whatnot — never mind what happens when teen villains the Gang get their hands on Gold Kryptonite! That’s exactly what the young bad guys plan to do to impress the Earth’s biggest villains! Super Sons Robin and Superboy stand face to face with Rex Luthor, Joker Jr. and other psychos pulled right from your nightmares. The Gang has already robbed Superboy of his powers, and now they’re ready to reveal their grand plan!"

Adventures of the Super Sons #2 arrives Sept. 5. Check out our exclusive preview below.