After 50,000+ votes, you said the best Star Trek captain was...

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

We love ALL of the Star Trek captains—Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer—because they have what it takes to command. But with so many different captains, there are so many different opinions as to who the best one really was. And after a recent poll that drew more than 50,000 votes, it's been determined that the best Star Trek captain is ...

Jean-Luc Picard.

Over the last few weeks, Star conducted several polls on what it considered "captainly" traits: courageous, decisive, intelligent and inspiring. In fact, Picard won three out of the four polls.

Here are the results:

Which Star Trek captain was the most inspiring?
Archer - 105 (1%)
Janeway - 2284 (22%)
Kirk - 2216 (21%)
Picard - 3882 (37%)
Sisko - 1069 (10%)

Which Star Trek captain was the most intelligent?
Archer - 393 (3%)
Janeway - 2334 (20%)
Kirk - 1127 (10%)
Picard - 7144 (61%)
Sisko - 626 (5%)

Which Star Trek captain was the most decisive?
Archer - 551 (5%)
Janeway - 2289 (22%)
Kirk - 2649 (25%)
Picard - 3873 (37%)
Sisko - 1158 (11%)

Which Star Trek captain was the most courageous?
Archer - 125 (1%)
Janeway - 3828 (32%)
Kirk - 3439 (29%)
Picard - 2113 (18%)
Sisko - 1283 (11%)

We absolutely agree that Janeway was the most courageous; after all, she was a captain without resources, steering the Voyager across the Delta Quadrant without help from Starfleet. We also agree that Picard was the most intelligent. He also won "most inspiring" (which we argue should go to Sisko), plus most decisive (hey ... what about Kirk?).

In fact, we can make an argument for and against all of the captains: For example, Kirk had style and mad military skillz, but he also had swaggering machismo. Over the years, Archer grew into his role, but he started out inexperienced and was prejudiced against Vulcans.

But of all the captains, the choice of Picard as the best seems to make the most sense: He was a thinking man's captain who carefully weighed his decisions before acting upon them.

Unless, of course, the advice came from Worf: