After Ant-Man flirtation, Adam McKay could direct a DIFFERENT Marvel movie

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Oct 23, 2014, 4:09 PM EDT

They couldn’t make the timing work out for Adam McKay to take the reins of Ant-Man, but it sounds like the Anchorman director might get a shot at a different Marvel movie down the line.

Before they locked in Peyton Reed (The Break-Up) to take over the floundering Ant-Man, Marvel reached out to Adam McKay (Anchorman) in hopes he’d take over following Edgar Wright’s departure. McKay only had time to do a rewrite of the script, but the company is apparently a fan of his work — and McKay revealed he’s still in “discussions” with the company about future projects.

The detail comes via a Crave Online interview, with McKay asked point blank if he thinks he has a shot at directing one of Marvel’s “big characters” in a future film. Here’s his response:

“I just did a big rewrite on Ant-Man with Paul Rudd and had such a great time working with them that we’re kicking around ideas. But yeah, maybe I would take on one of the characters so we haven’t locked in anything, but discussions are definitely going on.”

Considering the positively massive slate of projects Marvel has on tap, it’s no surprise they’re keeping the lines of communication open with McKay. He apparently had a good grasp of the Ant-Man world, which could translate to any number of other properties down the line. With a dozen or more movies in the works, you can never have too many good directors in the Rolodex.

But which upcoming film might he take on? Who knows? An eventual sequel to Ant-Man could make a lot of sense, since the familiarity is there, or perhaps any number of other sequels or spinoffs currently in the works. Which movie would you like to see McKay direct?

(Via Crave Online)