After Arrow crossover, 'Save Constantine' movement ramps up again

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Nov 10, 2015, 1:09 PM EST

You can’t keep a good petty dabbler down, and in the wake of Constantine’s posthumous crossover with Arrow, fans are ramping up the fight to bring the series back to life.

A new petition, dubbed “Save Constantine,” has popped up, encouraging another network (or streaming service) to take a shot at bringing the short-lived DC series back to life. The petition cites the uptick in ratings for the recent Arrow crossover episode “Haunted,” which jumped 11 percent in the core demographic, as proof that fan interest still exists for Matt Ryan’s take on the Hellblazer.

The series’ one and only 13-episode season on NBC showed a lot of promise, and even producer David Goyer admitted the Peacock was really “the wrong channel” for the project. The series hit just as the comic-book buzz was starting to crest, and NBC took a shot on the series despite the fact that it didn't seem like the most obvious fit with the overall brand. Can’t blame them for trying, but the ratings were just too low to warrant a slot at a major network.

Since NBC has made its intentions clear, the petition targets El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen and the USA network as potential new homes for Constantine. Obviously, they’re all long shots, but stranger things have happened. If nothing else, the Arrow appearance helps keep the character alive (even if the crossover itself left much to be desired) for a while longer in the hearts and minds of fans.

El Rey, home of From Dusk Till Dawn, seems like an interesting option that hasn’t really been floated — though The CW would be the most obvious home for another show in the DC fold (especially since it’s already within the same continuity). Who knows? If Legends of Tomorrow is a hit, and Arrow and Flash keep performing well, a Constantine revival (with some backdoor crossovers to stoke additional interest) isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

What do you think? Does Constantine have a shot at a new home? Where would you like to see it land?


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