After a monstrously good opening weekend, Godzilla gets a sequel

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May 19, 2014, 3:01 PM EDT (Updated)

The King of the Monsters is back, and it looks like he's not going away anytime soon.

For months now we've been wondering just how much power director Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot would pack with American audiences, and now we know. The legendary kaiju stomped all over expectations by delivering a spectacular $93 million domestic box-office haul this weekend, coupled with a $103 million international take. The appetite for a new vision of everyone's favorite movie monster is bigger than we thought, and now Legendary Pictures and company want more.

Deadline confirmed Sunday that the studio is now working on a sequel to Edwards' massive monster blockbuster, which still has plenty of money left to make in the coming days and weeks. Edwards has teased ideas for another Godzilla feature in interviews leading up to the flick's release, but he's steered clear of saying anything definite, and Legendary head Thomas Tull has been clear about the fact that the studio didn't want to talk sequels until it was proven that the first film was successful. Now the first film has proven itself beyond even optimistic expectations, so it makes sense that Legendary is mounting another monster clash for another upcoming blockbuster season.

As for who will be involved in the sequel, or what other kaiju might join Godzilla in the big screen, well ... that's anyone's guess at this point. But as we all know, that's half the fun of thinking about sequels. So what do you think? Should another legendary Japanese monster hit the big screen for Godzilla's sequel? Will we get Mothra? Rhodan? Ghidorah? Anguirus? Mechagodzilla? Whatever happens next, it's time for fans of this instant hit flick to rejoice, because this time around the Godzilla reboot seems to have caught on, and we're not done yet.

(Via Deadline)

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