After three years, Locke & Key is returning for a new one-shot comic story

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Jun 17, 2016, 1:03 PM EDT

It’s been three years since we had a new story set in the Locke & Key universe, but all that is going to change soon.

Creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have announced plans to release a new one-shot Locke & Key comic, which will serve as a prequel of sorts to the main comic series. Dubbed “Small World,” the story will reportedly be set at the beginning of the 20th century, taking place in the haunted New England mansion fans know and love.

Here’s what Hill had to say about “Small World” in a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times:

"So I had written a couple stand-alone ‘Locke & Key’ stories that had never been collected until the book. They were only released as individual comics. Both of those stories, ‘Open the Moon’ and ‘Grindhouse,’ took place in the past. ‘Locke & Key’ is the story of a haunted New England mansion full of enchanted keys that open different doors and activate different supernatural powers. The stories that I told, over the six books of ‘Locke & Key,’ take place in the present day. But there’s 250 years of history there. The Locke family has looked after Keyhouse and its many enchanted keys, almost since the beginning of the nation. I always wanted to go back and tell some of those stories. And that’s what I’m doing in ‘Small World.’ ‘Small World’ is a return to the beginning of the 20th century and some of the stories that I’ve already told, set in that era."

While we patiently wait for news on the long-gestating TV adaptation (Hill said they’re working on a new draft of the script now), it’s great to see we’ll at least be getting a fresh story in the meantime.

(Via The Los Angeles Times)