After X-Files' success, Chris Carter wants to revive Millennium next

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Oct 10, 2017, 3:32 PM EDT

Chris Carter has found a whole lot of success by pulling The X-Files off the shelf at Fox, but there’s another long-dead show he’d also love to bring back to life: Millennium.

Carter told Deadline he still has a soft spot for his 1996-1999 sci-fi series Millennium, and believes there are “more of those stories to tell” and a “new approach to that show building on the solid foundation that was already there.” Millennium ended after three seasons on Fox, and told the story of a former FBI agent (Lance Henriksen) who can see inside the minds of criminals. Henriksen’s Frank Black was used as the catalyst to dig into the shady Millennium Group, and the show ended with a whole lot of story still on the table.

The show was eventually wrapped up with an X-Files crossover episode following the show’s cancellation, though the episode “Millennium” left many fans underwhelmed. Buzz of a Millennium revival has been in the ether for the past few years, and Carter talked about his potential plans for how the story could continue last year. Sadly, Carter said “no one’s ever spoken seriously” to him about bringing it back — but with the new-look X-Files one of Fox’s best performers — it wouldn’t be a shock to see the network dig a bit deeper into his back catalog over the next few years.

Who knows? Could Millennium return, as well?

(Via Deadline)

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