After 34 years, U.K. audiences will finally see The Shining uncut

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Dec 17, 2012

Movie fans in the U.K. have never been able to see the uncut version of Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining, but now that's about to change.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the British Film Institute will re-release The Shining theatrically this fall—in time for Halloween, of course—but restored to the 144-minute U.S. cut instead of the 113-minute version that was originally issued in Europe in 1980.

The director himself actually called the shorter edition of the film his preferred cut, although having lived with the longer version our entire lives, we cannot imagine seeing it without the numerous scenes that were excised the first time around (there is a helpful list here of the cuts).

Kubrick made the cuts after the longer version of the film opened to mixed reviews and slow box office in the U.S. Perhaps thinking he could pick up the pace, he made the trims for the European release and later called it the "official" version of the movie.

Still to remain unseen is a final "coda" in which hotel manager Stu Ullman (Barry Nelson) goes to visit Wendy (Shelly Duvall) and Danny (Danny Lloyd) in the hospital after Jack's (Jack Nicholson) rampage and death. The lost scene is something of a Holy Grail for Shining fans.

You can't have everything, we suppose. But at last, U.K. audiences will see the full version of one of the scariest movies ever made!

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